Recommended Games for Android 2017

Recommended Games for Android 2017

These free and paid game apps from the official Google Play Store should know you! On this page you can find the app list only with games, recommended Android apps WITHOUT games here . My collection with several 100 recommended Android apps has been around since 2011, since then was called by more than 1 Mio Unique visitors and I try to update them monthly. The apps are rated in 0.5 steps with a scale from 0 to 10, with 10 being the highest score.


The app with the Möbius loop ∞ in the title is an interesting, minimalistic puzzle game that has been installed millions of times. In the reflection game you gamble in the horizontal format, you have to form symmetries in which you turn pre- determined pebbles . Very pleasing is the app’s huge scope with many hundred levels and that it is ad free. Unfortunately for beginners a small instruction is missing – because one needs a moment, until one understands the logic. Nevertheless, a must-have for patient people!


94% is a quiz, which can be imagined best like the legendary Gameshow family : ‘We asked 100 people’ The app contains either a slogan or a picture. Pleasing is the sleek, modern design and the high difficulty. 94% definitely does not score 94% . For this, the questions are partly too stupid, the answers sometimes seem to be designed, the advertisement is particularly annoying – and the app is also not extensive. Even so: 94% is fun and you should try it!

Air Control Lite

Air Control Lite is one of the classics of free games on the Google Play Store. Land planes and helicopters at an airport where you draw their route, avoiding causing a crash. Unfortunately, the air traffic controller game is not exactly comprehensive, but ensures in the medium term for high fun.

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Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds 2 is after the various special editions such as Rio or the Star Wars the long-sighted first successor of the classic. Despite, or perhaps also because of the many animations, the squeaky graphics, always with a 3D-look graphics, the annoying sound and the compulsive notifications, the game seems to be overloaded. Also the in-app purchases, which demand up to 100 euros, bear a bland taste. A pity, because the app with its many innovations is a top game. Tip: Try it, but do not buy anything! And now, toy blast is the best at Google Play Store, you get unlimited coins and live with toy blast cheats methods

Asphalt 7: Heat

Asphalt 7: Heat is an authoring game and is one of the best for Android. Although it is paid for, it is again for the big offer again impertinently cheap: 60 different cars, 15 routes, a very good graphics and a lot of fun. The control is generally difficult in such games, but can be learned quite quickly. Very good!

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