Medical Exams for the DOT

Commercial drivers have to meet certain criteria to be fully licensed. Part of this is passing a complete physical exam. As a physician, you may know what this entails but you have to be certified by the DOT to be an examiner that is actually on the registry for this purpose.

In order to get a dot medical certification, you will need to take and pass a course on the matter so that you will fully understand the criteria required for each of the drivers to pass and become fully licensed. This is vital to the safety of the roads and the integrity of the transportation system.

Look no further than the internet for this course. You will find the right OSHA certified course so you can learn all of the details and become a medical examiner on behalf of the DOT. With this certification, you will have more abilities and bring in more patients.

This is actually a boon for you as a doctor and healthcare provider. You are going to be the one who sends these people out onto the road so it is vital that the drivers pass with flying colors. While mostly you will encounter perfectly healthy drivers, you will find cases that are different.

dot medical certification

You should be able to identify issues such as sleep apnea and excessive daytime drowsiness, for example. Those are serious issues for drivers and they can also be treated. It may mean that a driver cannot pass until they have successful medical treatment but it is worth it.

Trust in the system. It works. Drivers need to be healthy enough to drive for long periods of time every day in order to be safe on the roads. You are not only considering their safety but also that of every other person on the roads around them.