According to this new study the iPhone 7 is still the most popular

iPhone 7

Nobody can argue that since the first iPhone appeared in the market, Californians have become one of the leading companies in the telephony sector, and their iPhone are the most popular products and demanded by the general public.

Perhaps the only major competitor of Apple is the Korean giant of Samsung, the biggest brand in the Android landscape. Precisely because of this rivalry, agencies specialized in market studies such as Strategy Analytics, carry out a survey each year on which is the best-selling and best-known terminal in the sector.

In this way this report of the second quarter of this year shows how the iPhone 7 models are the most popular terminals in the sector surpassing the versions of the Samsung Galaxy S8. Of course this report also estimates the sales of both devices where the terminal of the people of Cupertino has managed to sell more 22 million iPhone 7 and 7 Plus while Samsung with its S8 has managed to sell just over 19 million devices.

These figures only exemplify the reason why the people of Cupertino have the most popular terminal on the market, which attracts a large part of the public for its design, easy handling and the publicity that Apple makes about its device.

The more than 40 million devices that Apple sold last year are also a clear example of how the product of Apple people is one of the most sought after and demanded within the sector, always taking into account that if we add other models and brands The Android landscape dominates the market with almost 80 percent of the market share.

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We will have to wait for the next report, although we are left with the desire to see future launches such as the iPhone 8 affect the demand of the sector and the most direct rivals of the people of Cupertino within the Android landscape.

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